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Craig Millar - Newport Television
"Seek it Local provides a magical potion that intertwines our stations, local businesses and consumers in results-oriented television and web-driven solutions. Inergize Digital provides each market with professional training and all the necessary strategies and tactics to ensure overwhelming success. We have generated millions in revenue from new clients with this incredible product and our partnership with Inergize Digital. You should call them before your competitor does."

Craig Millar
Senior Vice President Operations
Newport Television
David Coy - WKBN
"Inergize Digital has been very helpful providing us creative and executable suggestions to drive nearly 3,000 percent traffic growth in just one year. They have also been very receptive when we approach them with OUR ideas to grow traffic and revenue. From an operational standpoint, they have been excellent. And, the same can be said from a revenue standpoint. It has been a great partnership, and we still have a lot more upside and potential for growth in the years to come."

David Coy
President and General Manager
Dennis Elkin - New Vision Television
"New Vision Television has worked with Inergize Digital since early 2008. During that time, we have seen increases in traffic and time spent that far exceeded our expectations. The Inergize Web CMS provides the flexibility needed at the station level to quickly and efficiently control the online experience, translating directly to increased revenue for our stations. I am happy to recommend Inergize Digital as they have consistently delivered on every front."

Dennis Elkin
Vice President Interactive Media
New Vision Television
Gary Brown - Newport Television
"Inergize Mobile has been a terrific addition to our stations. As the Apple® iPhone®, Google™ Android™ and BlackBerry® continue to become the leading mobile devices, we are now able to extend our stations' brands with new revenue streams. Citizen journalists can efficiently submit user generated content, providing a stronger consumer connection with our viewers and our newscasts. We're very pleased with the Inergize Mobile offering and will continue to leverage WAP, SMS and mobile apps well into the future."

Gary Brown
Vice President News
Newport Television

Seek it Local is the leading market-exclusive hyperlocal business directory that generates revenue on-air, online and on mobile devices for local media companies – all while offering a valuable marketing tool to local businesses.

Leveraging the power of local media brands, Inergize Digital creates locally branded Seek it Local websites and mobile apps that capture revenue by encouraging consumers to buy from local businesses listed in the Seek it Local directory. Local media companies gain the advantage of a nationally recognized Seek it Local brand coupled with locally branded on-air promotion to reach success.

With a proven six-year track record of sales success, Seek it Local employs Best of Seek it Local Awards™, Seek it Local Direct Buy™, Seek it Local Mobile™, on-site sales training and an on-site sales event to build better relationships with current advertisers, build new business relationships, increase brand recognition, improve organic search engine ranking and generate more revenue.

  • Comprehensive, Turn-key Solution

    With Seek it Local, you'll find a comprehensive turn-key offering that can generate revenue in a matter of days, not months. All locally branded sales and marketing materials are provided with more opportunities to reach success, including Best of Seek it Local Awards, Seek it Local Direct Buy and Seek it Local Mobile – all in a six-year proven sales model that leads to success. Stations can expect to generate $300,000 to more than $1 million dollars annually with Seek it Local, depending on market and sales resources.
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  • Leverage the Local and National Brand

    Inergize Digital has built Seek it Local from the ground up, leveraging the local station brand while building the national Seek it Local brand. Stations can now experience the advantage of two trusted brands when pitching local businesses and attracting consumers.

    Capturing the power of both brands, Inergize Digital creates a locally branded Seek it Local website, mobile app and marketing materials to promote the offerings in your market.
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  • On-air, Online and Mobile

    Seek it Local is the only hyperlocal business directory that offers a three-screen strategy capturing visibility and revenue on-air, online and on mobile devices. Increased visibility equates to increased traffic and revenue.
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  • Best of Seek it Local Awards™

    The Best of Seek it Local Awards recognize local businesses that are the best in their market. And, who knows the city better than consumers who share their insight by voting, rating and posting comments about their favorite local businesses on locally branded Seek it Local websites.

    Local media companies benefit from the turn-key offering with customized promotions, award plaques, decals and marketing materials to drive awareness while building community and advertiser relationships and engaging consumers and local businesses on-air, online and on mobile devices.
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  • Seek it Local Direct Buy™

    The Seek it Local Direct Buy e-commerce solution provides paid online business listings to local businesses. The tiered listing offerings can be sold by local media companies, or local businesses can buy direct on locally branded Seek it Local websites, making it easy for local media companies to capture revenue without sales team support. In addition, Seek it Local Direct Buy is the first to offer locally controlled telemarketing sales.
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  • Mobile Distribution

    Seek it Local is the industry's first hyperlocal business directory to offer a locally branded mobile app for Apple® iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad® and Google™ Android™ mobile digital devices. The Seek it Local mobile app offers one ad position that can be sold locally or automatically filled with national ads by Inergize Digital. The Seek it Local mobile app also offers geo-location to the nearest market, station branding, precision search technology, ratings and awards, and sharing via email, text message, Facebook and Twitter™.

    The Seek it Local WAP site ensures all mobile consumers can view content by resizing the website for various mobile devices.

    With Seek it Local mobile offerings, consumers will find the best local businesses as media companies extend their brands and capture revenue anytime, anywhere.
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  • Local Results

    When consumers go to, they are automatically redirected to the Seek it Local station website closest to their DMA. Geo-targeting ensures that businesses and consumers find local results on your website only, rather than sifting through pages of national results.
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  • Market Exclusive

    Seek it Local is a market-exclusive opportunity. Once you sign up, you'll never have to compete with a competitor in your market to capture sales on Seek it Local.
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  • Flexible Pricing

    Inergize Digital offers flexible pricing for Seek it Local. Contact us today to determine a pricing structure that works best for you.
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